OMG!!! HOT HOT HOT from the KUALI!!! Nik Nazmi = Betrayer!?!

Posted: May 4, 2013 in Anwar Ibrahim - Number 1 Traitor of Malaysia, Bersih Aka BerShit, Dun Seri Setia, Dun Subang Jaya, PAR Kelana Jaya, Politics, Selangor

Hot Hot HOT !!!!

N32 Dun Seri Setia Candidate from PKR, Nik Nazmi was caught on video wanting to demolish the bridge, used by hundreds of people in Kelana Jaya.

This Video was shared by an individual who was clearly disappointed with Nik Nazmi, during his term as the State assemblyman of Seri Setia.

Crystal clear.. Diamonte!!
This video shows that Nik Nazmi :
1) Agrees with with the developer (NPE) to demolish the bridge and let the people continue to pay the tol.
2) Disgrace the Hindus by referring one of the temple as “Kuil Bawah Pokok”
3) Lie to the people by requesting that the details of the meeting shouldn’t go out to the People of Seri Setia and Kelana Jaya…

Source : Asam

Vote Smart!


Whisper to my ear..??

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