Posted: October 23, 2012 in Politics
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Hey Y’all..

How’s everyone today? All good??

Today’s topic.. pretty scandalous!! Not really 18 SX kinda scandalous.. but near enough.. huhuhu

So.. Who Is Noraini??

For those who don’t know, Mdm Noraini Roslan is one of the key person involved in the re-zoning initiative which involves the PKNS lands. Following to this scandalous actions on PKNS she was PROMOTED to the YDP MAJLIS DAERAH KUALA SELANGOR starting 1st July 2011… So yea.. She has been holding this position for the past 1year…

WEIRD! Why? How can a person that repeatedly change the local development plans on gazetted lands can be promoted to a very high ranking?? Her actions in changing the local development plan for Petaling Jaya on gazzeted land are clearly against the law… And how can a person with integrity issues get promoted???Read More here

According to a friend of mine in Kuala Selangor (Pena dari Tanah Melayu),since she took over this YDP role… no changes n improvement can be seen in Kuala Selangor apart from more and more dodgy massage centres as well as gambling centres..And when this question was highlighted to her and the MDKS, their simple and get away answer is “Tiada peraturan tertentu yang menetapkan jumlah pengeluaran lesen pusat urut di sesuatu kawasan menyebabkan Majlis Daerah Kuala Selangor (MDKS) tiada kuasa untuk mengehadkan bilangan premis terbabit di daerah ini.”
“Menurutnya, pihaknya akan meluluskan sebarang permohonan membuka pusat urut selagi syarat yang ditetapkan Jawatankuasa Kawalan Perniagaan dan Kesihatan Daerah Kuala Selangor dipatuhi.”

In summary and English – they do not have the authority to limit the premises.. What a BULL SHIT right??

(Read more on this scandal.. And have a thought ya??

Well personally i think it is full of crap!

Well.. I’m off now.. Until tomorrow..




Whisper to my ear..??

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