(18SX PHOTOS)Wow!! The hand that wants to rock the country rocks the bed.. LOL

Posted: October 20, 2012 in Anwar Ibrahim - Number 1 Traitor of Malaysia, Bersih Aka BerShit, Nation, Politics, Selangor
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Hey you…

Hot topic of the day.. Moral topics amongst the leaders.. Not to brag but as of now.. we don’t really hear / see BN leaders with moral issues… On a contrary.. this is not the same scenario between the opposition leaders. The social issues within their leaders (OPPOSITION) are getting from bad to worse every single day!!

What makes me wonder is what makes them willingly display their inmoral behaviors to the public?
Was it due to Nik Aziz’s statement which said that the evidences brought up are like Steel and all the pictures shown are all lies, even a witness statement are also said to be a lie ???
How nice right… for every misconduct.. a statement such as “It is all a conspiracy to bring me down..” urgghhh.. What the hell???
Oppsss excuse my language.. I meant.. it does really pissed me off.. what are they thinking?? we are all stupid for believing that statement all the time??
Well I don’t know about you… but I know I’m not falling for that..
I ain’t a fool of theirs for sure..
Well.. good thing that this came to the surface.. so we know how the opposition leaders are.. like really are!! We need to ensure we include it in our decision for the next election… think for the best for us and our family as well as Malaysia.. We wouldn’t want a person who has moral issues rule the country do we?
I don’t!


Moral Issues was also the reason why Anwar Ibrahim was sacked on 1998. I remember the year before that, MASSA magazine had Mahathir and Anwar as the cover picture.. with the cover title “ONLY ANWAR IS SUITABLE IN REPLACING ME-MAHATHIR”.

Wow… Tun M is great.. he had his succession plan ready and has taught Anwar almost everything… but.. sadly, Anwar’s moral issue came to the surface and the grand committee of UMNO had to make the decision to dismiss Anwar with the consideration of all the evidences and witnesses..

This is one of the history that Anwar will never get to change though he was released after.

Read more here..
This facts and infos are enough for me not to go for Anwar Ibrahim for the next Malaysian Prime Minister…What about you?? Have a thought ya??
Until tomorrow..
Special thanks : Paperwaris

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