Destroying something is easier than building it…

Posted: October 19, 2012 in Anwar Ibrahim - Number 1 Traitor of Malaysia, Bersih Aka BerShit, Nation, Politics, Selangor
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Hey ya’ll..

So I read through a friend’s blog (Asam), and it really got me… It is something to share… for all of us..

Today’s story is rather a sad but also meaningful..For us to definitely have a thought about.. cause it surely got me thinking… Well you know me.. if you were following my blogposts… it is more often than not.. my posts always encourage us to think for the better future…

So.. today’s title says it all..It does serves as a reminder to me.. and to all of us.. The saying is very much related to out daily lives and not just to the current political scenario in Malaysia.

There are many examples that I can think about that can relate to this saying…
Like how a marriage is ended due to a third person..?
How an athlete worked his/her ass off for a tournament and fail to even compete due to illegal drugs consumption..?
How the country was developed step by step but soon will be torned up due to some people who are eager to rule for personal reasons.. or for any reason but retaining the peaceful and harmonious living that we are enjoying now….?
The reality is.. nowadays.. whether we realize it or not.. the Malays are slowly and silently being slaughtered by the non malays. Before.. Whenever a Malay name is spoken about… many would be proud of it.. Now.. the Malays are seen as a race that is heavily involved in social issues… those who monopolize the prisons and rehabs.. beggars..and many more… Why is this so??
Is it possible that the Malay’s Special Rights in Malaysia as the origins causes them to become ignorant and lazy? Or is it the influences from the western culture has caused the truth from the Quran was forgotten?

Have we ever thought of why are only the Malays are seen helping the blinds  and ask for money at food stalls? Why not other races?
The effort to weaken the malays has been in the plan of those who wants to see the fall of Islam in Malaysia.. What saddens us the most is when these efforts were assisted by some of the Malays..
For example Barisan Nasional, led by UMNO the malays was provoked, and accused of being the “Qafirs” by the opposition in which we are not sure.. who is the real leader??

Their hope is to rule Putrajaya and defeat the BN and UMNO, though UMNO are the Malays and Muslims..

They said that the BN government and UMNO are corrupted… but they themselves are even more corrupted?!!?

It doesn’t makes sense to me.. If Malaysia’s current government is so bad… Then why do other countries especially the muslim countries.. look up to Malaysia..look up to our current leaders for guidance and Malaysia as example ??

It really doesn’t make sense right?? Think about it will ya??




Special thanks : Asam


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