Is Zairil a Malay, Being “DAP”ed by LGE??

Posted: October 18, 2012 in Anwar Ibrahim - Number 1 Traitor of Malaysia, Bersih Aka BerShit, Nation, Politics
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Zairil Khir Johari
Hey Y’all…
Today we are going to have a thought about a young “confused” chap named Zairil Khir Johari…
So.. Let’s us begin..
Zairil Khir has joined DAP in 2010..
His action and decision in joining the DAPs was considered as a rebellious behaviour towards his father, one of the founders of UMNO also the son of the former Minister of Education as well as the former Grand Secretary of UMNO, Mohamed Khir Johari. His mother is Puan Sri Cristine Lim Abdullah. Khir Johari has 2 wives and 9 children altogether.
Zairi has become a DAP politician and more to that he is now the Political Secretary to the Minister of P.Pinang, Lim Guan Eng.
So, basically this has triggered a very good friend of mine Gewe Kelate to conduct an in depth study and analysis on Zairi and here we are sharing some of the findings for everyone have a thought on… And I think we should… let’s have a think about it together shall we???
T.S Khir Johari dan P.S Christine Lim
All the seniors in Kampung Kancut, Alor Setar knew that Pak Khir Johari (Tan Sri Khir Johari) and Che Tom Abdul Rahman (Puan Sri Kelsom) got married on 1943 and Che Tom passed away on 20th Sept 1994. The public are all aware that both of them had 7 children together as a result of their love and marriage.
We all know that Zairil has also announced that he has 9 siblings.. So where does the other 2 come from?? So after the passing of Che Tom, Khir Johari married to Puan Sri Christine Lim (the mother of Zairil) on 1996.
So … something to think about… If Zairil was born on 1996/1997 and does this mean that Zairil is not the really the son of Khir? Isn’t it possible that Zairil is the son for Christine with another man who maybe a Chinese? Or maybe Christine has never married anyone prior or Khir??
Questions Questions… ??.. hmmm

Zairil dan isteri (Ulfah Zainal Abidin)

So.. let us try to think about this young “malay” chap with DAP heart…
  • Looking at his feature.. he does not really look like a “Malay” does he?? even more he has been elected by Lim Guan Eng as the trusted political secretary.. LGE the Only Man that cannot be Trusted in Penang.. It seems like something is “off” here somewhere right?
  • Zairil claims that he is the “son” of Tan Sri Khir Johari, the former UMNO partisan.. But is he really Khir’s son?
  • To makes things even weirder… Zairil’s believes, thoughts and actions does not portray the Malay Patriot that his father was. This kinda mindset is all over Singapore and Penang is clearly following their lead.. Zairil’s appointment as the political secretary to LGE is only a propaganda to confused the people from the the truth which is the DAPs are anti-Malay and Islam.. though it was never been admitted by LGE.
Let’s recap, and think about it shall we.. It is clear that Zairil isn’t really the son of Khir… so there leaves us with a few assumptions to consider..
  • What is Zairil’s race?? Chinese?
  • Or maybe Zairil is a Malay after converted to Islam, communicates in Malay and follows the malay culture?
  • Once again, we can see that LGE is an opportunist… taking advantage of the situation?
  • Maybe Khir isn’t his biological father but a step father?
  • his name is Zaril bin Khir Johari or Zairil Khir Johari bin Abdullah?
There’s many cases whereby the stepfathers changed the last name of their foster or stepchildren to their names..hmmmm
Propaganda… Scandals.. Lies… Tactics??
hmmm have a thought?? I know I am…
Nonny Maya
Special thanks to Gewe Kelate
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