CONFIRM!! Nik Aziz will “Walk Over Karpal’s Dead Body” Only When He Is Dead..Will He Make It??

Posted: October 16, 2012 in Anwar Ibrahim - Number 1 Traitor of Malaysia, Bersih Aka BerShit, Nation, Politics, Selangor
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Dear Darls…

A story to share…

for us to ponder..

For you I care…

For Us, and our Future…


It has been forever that this 2 super senior leaders held the throne to their respective parties, and since the earliest time, the 2 Parties have fought for DIFFERENT ideologies and NEVER once have they come to an agreement around  Religion related matters as well as Muslim Country.
DAP still stick to what they have been fighting for which is “MALAYSIAN MALAYSIA” but PAS on the other hand has come back with a different ideology  “PAS FOR ALL”
From that alone we can already see that PAS is not consistent in their mission and ideology and we can also observe how concrete and persistent DAP is with theirs in the pursue to take over Malaysia.
Sadly, PAS.. who use to be strong in their Ideology and Fight for Islam, has sort of lost in the fight against Barisan Nasional that was claimed to be un Islamic.
Now.. after decades of holding, protecting and fight for Islamic Principles, they are unable to fight their temptation to be in power and resist their lust towards $$$ thus willingly put aside to what the original fundamental objective of the party being ISLAM.
What happened to Hudud?
Nik Aziz claimed that PR are willing to turn Malaysia into a “full” Islamic Country.. But we all know that it is solely a lie! PKR and DAP never agreed to that! They are just suing PAS to achieve their mission to conquer Malaysia
Something to think about…
how can 3 parties with 3 different objectives and ideologies lead our beloved country??
I can imagine how much CHAOS it will be if they take over Putrajaya..
Malaysia will be at stake.. bye bye to peace and harmony…
Think about it??
Nonny Maya..
//Special Thanks to : Pena Dari Tanah Melayu

Whisper to my ear..??

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