Posted: October 15, 2012 in Anwar Ibrahim - Number 1 Traitor of Malaysia, Bersih Aka BerShit, Nation, PAR Kelana Jaya, Politics, Selangor
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Hey Darls…
Hope everyone is having a great day so far??
So our topic today.. the GRAND DESIGN of the Pakatan Rakyat!
Hmmm so there have been loads of exposures lately on the Real Agenda of Pakatan Rakyat to conquer Malaysia.. and it has been discussed widely and openly during the past couple of weeks.. Especially NOW since the election is just around the corner though we are still unsure when exactly it will happen…
We can also see quite a number of exposures surfaces and revealed one by one by those who came from within Pakatan Rakyat and left as soon as they have identified the real hidden agenda that was kept from them by the top leaders of the PR Component Parties. All the dirty little secrets, infos, evidences are slowly coming to the surface for the Rakyat to know and make the right decision for the well being of our beloved Nation – NO TO PR!
However.. it is very sad to see and to accept that there are PR supporters who are really fanatic about the party, and just simply refuse to accept the fact that PR is not fit to run the country…. With all the exposures made.. it is most likely that the country will be destroyed if they were to rule Malaysia.. Do we want to try an error? For me.. running the country is not something that I would want to try an error on! I need security.. not only for me.. but for my family.. friends.. everyone! My advice to all dear friends.. keep an open mind.. do not be too engrossed until your are blinded… agreeing to everything that the PR do/did/will do… and thinking that everything is right??? Make the right choice people.. for our nation!
So what’s the GRAND DESIGN? What’s with the GRAND DESIGN? Maybe they are some who is aware of the dirty strategy practised by PR? Maybe there are some are fooled and confused with the real true dirty objective that the PR is working towards by ruling / to rule Malaysia?
According to a friend of mine.. who used to be one of the strategist in Pakatan Rakyat… a low profiled leader… The Pakatan Rakyat’s GRAND DESIGN includes the below and many more :
1) Christian Country
2) Demolish the power of the kings in Malaysia
3) Non Malay/Muslim PM
4) Demolish the Bumiputera privileges
And with all the above plans and activities being executed.. they have put the blame on UMNO.. saying that it is a propaganda by UMNO to threaten the malays to not support them.. But in reality.. it is PR’s GRAND DESIGN!
To ensure that their objectives are met… one of their strategy is to throw false accusation towards DS Najib and DS Rosmah.. so that the people question our PM and 1st Lady’s moral values as well as credibility. We can see.. observe.. it is clear that until now.. they have been playing with a number of false accusation such as Altantuyacase, Scorpene, the diamond ring etc.. in which each and single one of the story were engineered by the PR folks.. All not true!
How is it obvious??
We can see that the PR media and supporters kept bringing up the same issues repetitively as compared with all the new and fresh issues that has been brought up by the BN Media Team. This is also in their Grand Design… in which was pulled together since 2008 with the consultation from Singapore and Israel allies!

“If a lie was made consistently, the people will think that the lie is the truth!”

Again, dear friends and readers…
think about it and lets make the right decision ya…

Special thanks to : jawaber6


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