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Dear Beloved Malaysians…
Hope everyone are doing great over the chill cold wet weekend.. 🙂
Before I go on elaborating about the hot and sensitive title above.. let me set an expectation that the elaboration is merely from me and a friends’ perspectives on this issue..
As we all are aware.. Malaysia is a Muslim Country.. And the citizens and residents in the country.. from different races, religions and backgrounds are able to live together in peace and harmony despite the fact that Malaysia is a Muslim Country until a country’s number 1 traitor was forced out of the government cabinet… Though Malaysia is a Muslim Country, the freedom of religion and beliefs are still practiced.. You can see it everywhere in the country.. Mosques, Buddhist and Hindu Temples, Churches… It’s everywhere… And everything was all going well and peace until the Traitor was BUSTED!!
He who shall not be named (lol script from harry potter), I’m sure we all know who he is… Is currently leading an opposition party with high hopes to achieve his personal ambition which is to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia… Due to this over indulge personal ambition of his.. He is willing to do ANYTHING.. even to stage of sacrificing the security of the country, his religion and putting everything at stake and risk for others.. just as long as he achieve his personal goal… Special note to this SELFISH OLD BISEXUAL TRAITOR from the lovely Nonny Maya – DREAM ON~~
Like I’ve mentioned above… He who shall not be named but we all know who he is.. will do anything to be the Prime Minister in Malaysia.. This include working together with one of the component parties as well as external partners and influence to bring down UMNO and Barisan Nasional, the current government who has been and is still doing a great job in retaining the peace and harmony in Malaysia as a Muslim country without discriminating the others. Federal Constitution of Malaysia has already state that Malaysia is a Muslim country.. but why oh why must this be questioned and challenged and threaten just to achieve personal ambition? Clearly this will result in national threat.. but yet national security is not important to him..
Sad thing is that one of the opposition component party, PAS, who is supposed to be an Islamic Party who fights for Islamic governance worked together with PKR and DAP in the mission to Christianize the Country…
Apologies friends for my boldness… christian friends in particular…
Not that We are against your religion.. We respect that you do have your beliefs.. But pls do respect ours in return… Respect that this country has been a Muslim country and will Forever Remain as a Muslim Country!! We never stopped any religion from practicing the beliefs in Malaysia.. And we have lived happily and peacefully with that understanding.. so, let’s retain the peacefulness and stop the threats as well as the provocation…Malaysia has proven to be one of the most respected Muslim country in the World.. without discriminating the other religion and beliefs.. living coexistent with each other in peace.. Why must the Opposition provoke this thus threaten their own country??

I’m not making any accusation here peeps..

Through much reading and analysis.. there have been cases and evidence showing the agendas, threats and attacks has been carried out.. carefully planned and executed!
There are cases exposed on the Malaysia Christianization Efforts as early as school stage.. Click the below image for more info :
This happened in one of the school in Malaysia and the respective teachers involved has been terminated from his / her services within 24 hours.
The attack and agenda was not only targeted to the kids.. but the adults as well…I’m sure you have heard about the DUMC Church Issue?? The one when muslims are gathered / tricked to break their fasts at the church?? During Ramadhan?!?!?!

I’m sure almost every Malaysian knows about this issue… as it was beyond controversial when one of the utmost respected leader in PAS was sacked after this case was revealed! Ironic?? PAS which their so called core goal to fight for Islam FAILED to protect and what more Fight for Islam in this case. To me.. the immediate termination of this PAS leader clearly shown that the activities and agenda against Muslims and Islam in this country was protected by the Oppositions.

Need more evidence?

The former Vice Youth Leader for DAP, Mohamed Razali, has also revealed in detail the Christianization Agenda against the Country and Islam in which was led by DAP. One of the reason this young talented leader left DAP was because of DAPs intention to change the Malaysian Islamic Constitution to Christian.The young chap, Razali also revealed one of Jeff Oii’s Speach (DAP Jelutong), quote as below :
“we must make sure christian become official religion in Malaysia and we make sure that the next prime minister is christian.”

More to that, Razali also revealed the 25 DAP Agendas towards the Malaysia Christianization..Click below for mor info, evidence, analysis and elaboration.

To all my dear Malaysian Muslims Especially in  Selangor PeepS!!
Do you know or aware about the invitation was sent out to Avengelists to come to Selangor?? Do you know who made the arrangements?? TERESA KOK DID IT!?!?! It was also said that Teresa Kok is also the 1st Jewish Woman in Malaysia?? Click here
To share.. for dearest muslim brothers and sisters….

“Kamu akan mengikuti perilaku orang-orang sebelum kamu sejengkal demi sejengkal dan sehasta demi sehasta, sehingga kalau mereka masuk ke lubang biawak punkamu ikut memasukinya. Para sahabat bertanya : “Siapa mereka yang baginda maksudkan itu, ya Rasulullah ?” Beliau menjawab : “Orang-orang Yahudi dan Nasrani” (HR. Bukhari)

The visits from the Evangelists on the 18th Dec 2011 was a clear indication that Teresa Kok was the DRIVER towards the national threat..?? The main agenda is to convert muslims to christian.. Click here

Usually, the targeted community will come from low income Malaysian Muslims…
That’s what happened in Penang, with DAP as their state government!
Where’s PAS during all this crisis??
Click here for the insights on how the “Rakyat” thinks about DAP and PAS
KLIK SINI untuk mengetahui pandangan rakyat membandingkan DAP dengan PAS.
With all the above information…
Some questions for you to think about.. Really think about…
1) Are you certain that PAS is holding to the Islamic Principles?
2) Are you certain that the current Islamic Exco in Selangor is holding on to the Islamic Principles?
3) What is Anwar’s true religion??
4) Are we ready and acceptive if DAP were to change the official religion of Malaysia to Christian?
5) Are we willing to give up our peaceful country to the Opposition?? (Well they started all the rioting.. Bersih Bershit what not!!)
The Oppositions PKR DAP and PAS are a threat to not only Islam but National Security…
Have a thought ya…
For Stable and Peaceful Malaysia…
Nonny Maya
(Source : Info 4 The Truth)

Whisper to my ear..??

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