Posted: October 14, 2012 in Politics

Need I say more??

Nonny Maya

Kaki Sekeh Orang

Finally, the truth is revealed as Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is finally willing to admit that his state government had successfully reduced the state’s debt with the help of the federal government through water restructuring.

For a long time Guan Eng has gone around boasting how successful they were in reducing Penang’s debt by RM600 million, and now it is finally revealed that Guan Eng’s bragging is actually an act of non-discriminatory assistance by the federal government given to all states, not only to Penang alone.

Therefore, we can see from this water restructuring deal that the federal government has never ignored Penang.

Guan Eng’s description of Penang as “abandoned children” is only meant for him to take credit over the BN government’s contributions.

The federal government, through the Water Asset Management Company (PAAB), seeks to take over the water assets of five states, which are Johor, Melaka…

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