(18 SX) Scandalous.. Sex in Toilet A Trend??

Posted: October 13, 2012 in Anwar Ibrahim - Number 1 Traitor of Malaysia, Bersih Aka BerShit, Other Stuff, Politics, Sexy stuff
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Hey You..
Chill day in KL today..
Raining since morning…
Snuggling in bed covered with mmmmmm comforter are just the best thing to do on a yummy wet chill weekend.. PUURRRFEECCTT WEEKEND..
All the sudden.. i felt a sudden heat.. felt the heat crawling down my spine… Looking at this photo from a dear friend’s blog (paperwaris) pulled me down to a mixture of feelings… I felt worried… angry.. mad… sad… scared… but none of the feelings are pleasurable that’s for sure…

Looking at the photo above.. it got me into deep thoughts.. Is this really the moral trend of the millennium youngsters? Is this what we are nurturing? Are we really near The End of Time??Who is there to be blame?? This worrisome moral issues.. Is it still UMNO’s fault? Or maybe BN? or the Government??

Shuckkss!! What am I thinking!?!? What are you thinking?!?!
<h3>OF COURSE NOT!</h3>
We NO longer hear or see members of UMNO, BN or even the Members of Government Cabinet conduct such immature, immoral behaviors and actions such as Toilet Xxx, Train Xxx, Heavy Pettings, Interracial Intercourse (Siam Doll / China Doll Whatsoever).. Intercourse with colleague’s / Friend’s / Bff’s spouses, Provide a SO-CALLED “Counseling” Sessions with someone’s wifey at 3am in the morning, Intercourse with someone’s wifey, Sitting on Face..Phonesex??.. Fuuhhh goshhh… I heard there’s an audio recording on this? Apparently the action was caught at Room Number 121, Hotel Perdana, Kota Baru Kelantan on 30th January 2005 by 7 Islamic Enforcement Officers??
See below Video :

So.. THAT Was the story about the Moral Value of this person who happens to be one on the highest leaders in PAS.

Now… to keep the sizzles going on…
We shall continue with the “Toilet” Fetish story ..
But come to think of it.. to type each one of the story.. ohh goshh… I’ll break all my fingernails and will need a fresh manicure!!! 😛
Why don’t we go though the pictures instead?? After all, Picture Paints a Thousand Words right??
Maybe this sort of actions shown by this so called leaders in PKR, PAS, DAP has influenced the mindset of the youngsters?
Can this be one of the reason?? The young looking up to the so called leaders? Lead by Example?? I don’t know… I’ll leave that up to you to interpret..
I’m going to be blunt…
The Video below.. shows a very young couple from Kelantan.. Caught in “Action” in the public toilet at KB Mall, it was said… And it is also a well known fact that Kelantan has been the XXX Hub.. And we know that Kelantan is ruled by PAS, lead by Nik Aziz for the past 22 years. Therefore, it is almost certain that the youngsters caught on the video grew up in Kelantan during the time PAS ruled the state. Is this what we want for our young generations?? Is this how the young were taught and nurtured in Kelantan? Do we want this for our young ones? I PERSONALLY REFUSE!
A Prime Minister who is a frequent client of prostitution (CHINA DOLL /SIAMESE DOLL/ even MALE DOLL?? ROFL)
A Toilet Fetish Minister?
A Phone Sex Minister?
Whatever weird disturbing kind of ministers???
Do we want this kinda ministers??
All this weird kind of ministers can be found in PR.. This is how “GREAT” they are..
Is this really what MALAYSIANs wants?? I DON’T!!
More Info / Pics to on the “GREATNESS” of the PR LEADERS…
Have a thought??
Lots of love…
(Special thanks to : Paper Waris)

Whisper to my ear..??

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