Posted: October 8, 2012 in Anwar Ibrahim - Number 1 Traitor of Malaysia, Nation, Politics, Selangor
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Hey Y’all!!!!
Yea yea yea Nonny is back!!
Been superbly bz with loads of stuff but this current news was too hot for me to handle and I had to JUST HAD TO SHARE!!!
So.. here’s the juice…
I was made to understand, during the last Annual Meeting for PKR Parliament Sabak Bernam, I think it was on the 23rd of Sept 2012, held at Tun Razak Hall, Sabak Bernam, all the representatives who has attended the meeting has ALL AGREED to not accept the PKR Sabak Bernam MP Candidate Dr. Aziz Bari?? To make things worsen.. oh oh let me rephrase.. more embarrassing is that… the Doctor has started his MP campaigns for the past 6 months!!
ROFL… *laughing my eyes out here*
According the the reliable sources, it seems that both candidates Dr Badrul Amin and Dr. Aziz Bari were both rejected by the representatives in Sabak Bernam with the justification that both candidates have some moral issues that were yet to be resolved! My thoughts were.. if you have moral issues then you have moral issues.. what is there to resolve right? It can be treated though.. but not resolved! lol
On top of that, it was said the Dr. Aziz Bari was also REJECTED because of his over the top attitude.. forgetting the people who has supported him.. became overly errmm how should i put this.. “Berlagak”, “Lansi”, in simple English it would be POSER 😀 So, his name was taken off the list due to the disappointment amongst his 10 strong sponsors/supporters.. So it was said.. hmm
Say bye bye to MP seat for Dr. Aziz Bari.. No one to be blamed apart from self ego right.. Serves him right i would think.. hmmm.. I sort of heard that the PKR youth despises him soooo freaking much that they would be sourcing for other potential candidate , even if it means to get someone out of Sabak Bernam as MP of Sabak Bernam… The hatred for Dr. Aziz Bari by PKR members in Sabak Bernam cannot be covered any more i guess.. hmmm
Bye Bye Aziz Bari??
NonnyMaya is Back!
Source and thanks to : Jawa Bernam @ http://jawaber6.blogspot.com/

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