BN Kelana Jaya Cares For the People’s Needs ; PKR ADUN Nik Nazmi Does Nothing??

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Dun Seri Setia, Dun Subang Jaya, PAR Kelana Jaya, Politics, Selangor

Well not a surprise… not the first time… It has been numerous times that the current ADUN in Dun SeriSetia, Kelana Jaya does nothing to help the needs of the people in my area! Because he really does not care.. I don’t even remember his freaking name! Always I would have to Google it up and find out.. geezzz!

In the end, the people will still need to turn to a more reliable and responsible party = BN Kelana Jaya. There has been numerous report from the people around SS7 Kelana Jaya regarding their concerns with the traffic situation that will go from bad to worse with the completion of Paradigm Mall and the Office building located behind the Kelana Jaya Hospital. BN KJ heard the concerns of the people and taken it into actions (FINALLY!!). Once again BN KJ has proven themselves to be more reliable and responsible as compared to PKR “Pakatan Korupting Rakyat”!

map credit

Paradigm map credit to

Read full update on the issue here.


Whisper to my ear..??

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