Million Youth Gathering 23-27th May 2012, Putrajaya – Career & Education Fair, The G2Y & Love Lane Carnivals, Young Entrepreneurs & Colours of Malaysia’s Youth

Posted: May 3, 2012 in Nation, Other Stuff
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Voices Of Malaysia's Future

As young Malaysians, most of us are studying or starting our career maybe own a business, just started a family or planning to start one.. the love of our country is undeniable.. especially the cultural uniqueness that lives amongst us.. and for the patriotic spirits within our young energetic minds and souls we do understand the needs of knowledge and our awareness on our responsibility as a citizens of Malaysia is over the top!

The Million Youth Gathering 2012 are like “The Place To Be” for Malaysian Youths.. It fits all our needs and way of living…

During the gathering, there will be Young Entrepreneur, Education and Career Fair organized.. Education fair not only includes the participation of the local and international higher education institution but also activities like academic awards of achievements, 1 youth 1 expertise exhibition, Edu Path, Educational Counselling, Education Icon and “Aspirasi Siswa 1 Malaysia”. Career…

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