Hannah Yeoh : Liar Liar Panties on Fire?? You wanna spin.. do it smartly.. You Are A Joke!

Posted: April 30, 2012 in Politics
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A humble respond to Hannah Yeoh posting in her blog entitled MCA’s recruitment drive for phantom voters?


This road show is about helping qualify foreigners get their PR in Malaysia.

No 1 : How can PR vote in Malaysia ?

No 2 : Is a road show to guide and help foreigners in their application to get PR residence and how sure are you that all their application will be approved and accepted ?

No 3 : So if Permanent Residence in Malaysia Election Law are not allow to vote then how on earth are they going to vote for MCA/BN ?

No 4 : So even if they are allow to vote then how sure are you that by having the rights to vote for sure they will vote for MCA/BN ?

Hannah Yeoh even go on further and claimed that MCA must now explain why their road show in preparation for elections involved foreigners meeting the Deputy Home Minister for permanent residency and citizenship.

No 1 : Is just a road show to help foreigners in their application to get PR and not citizenship as she accused.

No 2 : It just show to us that MCA is different from Pakatan Rakyat by just looking at the election campaign road show. Pakatan Rakyat will only use their time and effort to approach voters because by doing so it will only help them to help Anwar to be the Prime Minister of Malaysia. On the other hand when in MCA road show they are not only concern about voters in a particular area but also those people who are not voters as long as they are living in Malaysia then that is our part of MCA leader concern.

No 3 : Since Dato’ Lee Chee Leong is both a MCA leader and also at the same time a government officer where he is a Deputy Home Minister then he is just delivering both his party and ministry just at the same time during his road show.

According to Hannah Yeoh Time and time again we see BN misusing the government machinery for campaign and political gains. This is another clear example of the Home Ministry campaigning hand in hand with MCA for an exercise as important as granting permanent residency and citizenship to foreigners.

No 1 : This is a very evil political accusation that how Pakatan Rakyat leader train and teach Hannah Yeoh in her political spinning. First you must separate a political party machinery and government machinery in this road show. Next you must know the fact that even by helping foreigners to get PR status in Malaysia they can never have a right to vote in Malaysia. Dato Lee Chee Leong is just delivering both his party and ministry duty at the same time.

She even further spin this issue by asking What is the Standard Operating Procedures for application of permanent residency and citizenship in Malaysia? Are the requirements for such an application compromised by simply meeting the Deputy Home Minister?

No 1 : Application and approval of application is entirely 2 different thing. What the deputy minister did was just helping and guide those foreigners how to apply. From this we cannot conclude that all the foreigners application will be accepted and approved. This is just how Pakatan Rakyat leaders create a political conclusion that as long as anybody meet up with Deputy Home Minister then their application will be approved.

According to Hannah there are many local Malaysian Indians who are still waiting for their citizenship so much so that the Prime Minister had set up a special task force to help the Indians resolve citizenship woes. However, instead of resolving this as a priority, BN Kelana Jaya embarks on an exercise to assist foreigners with citizenship.

No 1 : Thank You for giving credit to our Prime Minister of Malaysia that he actually concern about the Indian in Malaysia and take the effort to set up a special task force to help the Indians to resolve their citizenship woes.

No 2 : Now you use a proper term where you claim the deputy minister is just assisting foreigners to get a PR in Malaysia. Assisting and approving is entirely 2 different thing but since you already admit is just assisting then please tell us what wrong a deputy minister assist foreigners to get their PR in Malaysia ?

No 3 : If Deputy Minister really that powerful to approved all the citizenship in Malaysia as you accused then you are actually giving credit to BN system of power of sharing where in the past you all claim that all the important task is given to UMNO but then now out of sudden MCA is given such a powerful ministry task that can actually approved any citizenship and application that they like ? All the important state administration task in PR sharing of power in Kelantan dan Kedah PAS take it all without giving it to DAP and even in Selangor most of it are in PKR hand. So I am just wondering how DAP survive in PR system of power sharing?

Now I would like to challenge Pakatan Rakyat to come with a shadow minister that they had promise long time ago during the last general election. If Hannah Yeoh is so concern about Home Ministry affair perhaps she should be the shadow Home Minister or Deputy Minister. But what I am worried is that DAP may not even be a Deputy Minister for Home Ministry in Pakatan Rakyat system sharing of power. From the reality it looks like such an important task only will be taken by both PKR and PAS. Was just wondering who is the real dog in Pakatan Rakyat now ?

In her final allegations she claimed that there are more pressing issues for the Deputy Home Minister to address in relation to security and safety but instead, he gave priority to meeting foreigners wanting permanent residency and citizenship in Subang Jaya.

No 1 : Is Hannah finally willing to admit that under her administration in Subang Jaya there are actually so many issue that she fail to resolve after 4 years she in charge over there? Is Hannah willing to admit that a vote to DAP and Hannah Yeoh will not ensure the safety and security problems in Subang Jaya ? Or is Hannah Yeoh willing to admit that she actually needed help from MCA Deputy Home Minister to help her to solve the issue over there?

No 2 : Although there are still many concerns about the residence in Subang Jaya but then Hannah Yeoh must first state out a reason what is wrong about a Deputy Minister assisting foreigners to get their PR application in his road show? Is assisting and helping people wrong?

We would also like to know that is Hannah Yeoh having discrimination against foreigners in the country?

Is this Hannah personal stand or DAP stand against all the foreigners in Malaysia ?

Are Hannah Yeoh indicating that we are not supposed to help and assist foreigners that live in our country ?

From Hannah posting regarding Dato Lee Chee Leong road show she only unhappy about the foreigners issue and there no other complaint about the road show. So is Hannah Yeoh willing to give credit to MCA free medical check up to all the local residence in Kelana Jaya ? Is MCA now doing their job to help those people who stay in Kelana Jaya ? Will you give credit to MCA ?

You had actually just given credit to Barisan Nasional government where you claim PM had set up a task force to solve Indian residence issue and then now MCA is assisting foreigners to resolve this issue. Was just wondering what Pakatan Rakyat had done to solve this issue regarding citizenship problems in Malaysia ?

Why I claimed that you should learn how to spin from Lim Guan Eng?

From your article I can summarize it as simple as you wanted to make a point that MCA is getting extra votes for BN in the general election by assisting foreigners to get their PR. But Malaysian are not too stupid to know that facts that PR DON’T EVEN HAVE A SINGLE RIGHT TO VOTE IN MALAYSIA AND EVEN IF THEY CAN TURN INTO VOTERS THEN HOW SURE ARE YOU THAT THE VOTE WILL SURELY COME TO BARISAN NASIONAL AND NOT PAKATAN RAKYAT?

This is another LYNAS political spinning where LYNAS IS = NUCLEAR and now the great Hannah Yeoh trying to follow the foolish Fuziah and Lim Guan Eng in Lynas issue to claimed that Permanent Residence = A Vote To BN where in reality they cant event vote ?

But I have to give credit to Lim Guan Eng in many issues he actually a good public political deceiver and spinner. He is good enough to spin from what is real to fake and what is fake to real. Therefore he should train Hannah Yeoh to be a better political spinner and hopefully in the future Hannah wont spin so badly like how Fuziah trying to spin for LYNAS. Please. Malaysian are not Stupid.

You can deceive them yesterday. You can deceive them today. You can deceive them tommorow but YOU CANT DECEIVE THEM EVERY SINGLE DAY !

by Shen Yee Aun

Taken From : Pisau.Net

Read more: http://www.pisau.net/2012/04/lim-guan-eng-please-train-hannah-yeoh.html#ixzz1tRCoOOrS


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