Million Youth Gathering 23-27th May 2012, Putrajaya – My Hobby, Fit & Active, Fast & Furious, Sport Pavillion

Posted: April 29, 2012 in Nation
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Very interesting segments that is really close to my heart are the one that I will touch on today… Adrenaline.. Sports.. Woohoo just thinking about it makes me excited!

My Hobby is a segment consist of many interesting combination of activities.. Anything from stamp collections, coins collections, antiques (This I Like!!!) , Jigsaws, Models, RCs (Cars, Heli and Airplanes), Pets (Can i bring my pet lizard? :P ), Fixie, Handicrafts, Rubik Cubes, Skateboarding and many more!!! For the handicrafts, stamps, coins and antiques, there will be sales going on as well! Time to expand the collections and investments peeps! For more info, pls contact the secretariat PN. SITI MARIAM AHMAD TOBIAS (017-3515788) or click on the image below :

Fit & Active, another interesting segment which had definitely caught my attention. Many activities / competitions and tournaments will be held during the week of “Himpunan Jutaan Belia” like the Standard Charted Fun Run 2012, Paintball, Canoeing, Wall climbing, Mountain Biking, Dodgeball, Muay Thai, Eco Challenge, Netball and SOOOOO MANY MORREEEEEE!!! Wow..  Click on the below link for further information on participation or call ENGKU AZMAN BIN SAYED MOHD (019-2321516).

Above are not challenging enough? Real adrenaline junkie??
The Fast & Furious Segment may feed your needs… Activities like the KBS Super Mortad X, Autokhana/Motokhana, KBS Drag Championship for cars and bikes, Drift race challenge and Jet Ski super series are lined up for you! Check it out by clicking below or call EN. SAIPUDDIN BIN ZAKARIA (012-2092727).


Whisper to my ear..??

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