A Comparison, Tun M, Anwar, and Israel – my lil two cents..

Posted: March 5, 2012 in Nation, Politics
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These past few weeks I have heard and read a lot about Anwar denying himself supporting Israel and accusing Tun M of supporting Israel. His Accusation were simple and childish if you ask me personally. Anwar claims that Tun M supported Israel because Tun M had written letters to the PM of Israel a couple of times.. LOL..

At that point of time, I was thinking.. “Hmm.. how desperate can Anwar be?” I mean, if we write a letter to another person, does that mean that we like that other person? Or support that other person? That’s not the case right? Well, I did received love notes a couple of times.. ermm opss actually countless times… huhu and not to forget the hate notes too! From those who envies me of course! (Don’t hate me cause I’m beautiful gals~ Peace no War!). So back to my point, people send communications out everyday… it can be for any purpose.. the content of the communication is to get the other party to understand the purpose of the communication..

Looking back at the accusation made by Anwar to Tun M. Tun openly admits to the nation that he did send out 3 letters to the Prime Minister of Israel. But the content in the letter is not to show support to the Israel, but to express our stand as a nation which was and still is against all the discrimination, injustice criminal acts and attacks, by the Israel towards Palestine.. Disclosed below are the letters that was sent out by Tun M to the 3 Israel Prime Ministers.

In a contrary to Anwar, he denies his support to the Israel internally within Malaysia, but externally, he openly declares his support! I mean which one is which now? Is he supporting or not supporting the Israelis? He needs to be definite! But clearly he is saying one thing to us but an opposite thing to others non Malaysians. Lying?? This kinda stand he can’t take the “In Between” approach like he is well known sexual stand huhuhuhu.. Boy can.. girl also can… ROFL.

Anwar’s plays in this case were also reported in The Washington Times. He is seen as a two faced person and the world especially Malaysia deserves better. Quote : By Joshua Trevino – The Washington Times (Tuesday, July 20, 2010) :

“The sad fact is that if Anwar Ibrahim once commanded the respect of Americans as a friend and potential ally, that day is gone. A decade ago, reasoned and informed Western opinion believed him a harbinger of enlightened and tolerant Muslim democracy. Now he is just another Islamic-world peddler of Jew-baiting and anti-Americanism. Both America and the Islamic world, and certainlyMalaysia, deserve better.

Click on the image below for the full article from The Washington Times :

In conclusion, my personal thoughts to this is…

As a Malaysian, I would want my leader to be one that is a trustworthy person.. Not a two timer!

How can we trust a leader who lies to everyone to lead our future? I just simply can’t! That’s my stand! No “In Between” decision LOL.. Definite one side..

I WILL NEVER SUPPORT ANWAR IBRAHIM as the next PM of MALAYSIA. End of discussion 🙂

Until next time.. toodles..




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