Posted: March 5, 2012 in Politics

Voices Of Malaysia's Future

Yesterday (Sunday, 4th March 2012), The Curve was filled with Youth all over Malaysia for the Finals of Youth Music competition organized by Pemuda Barisan Nasional.

How the program was conducted?

Well, it started from the pre-lims where by all participants are required to upload their performance. All videos registered and uploaded were then viewed by professional juries. Top 12 contestants are then selected and requested to perform LIVE at The Curve yesterday :).

The Winner of the First Youth Music is a band called Skudap Skudip (See video below for a snippit of the show) :

Congratulations to the organizer BN Youth, and to all participants and visitors who came and support the event.

This successful event only proves to me that the majority of the Malaysian Youth are with Barisan Nasional!

See below for more pics courtesy of AAKJ, MegaBidaman and BroJinggo :

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