Posted: January 24, 2012 in Politics

The Indians of Desa Mentari are back with BN!

BN Kelana Jaya for the People

Date : 22nd January 2012
Venue : Desa Mentari, Bandar Sunway

Prihatin, NGO Pro PKR has announced their stand as Pro Barisan Nasional during the Ponggal Celebration held at the playground of Desa Mentari. The former strong PKR Supporter who is also the president for the Prihatin Club has pledge the willingness to work together with Barisan Nasional during the upcoming GE-13.
The Ceremony was held since morning and there were more than 1000 residents came to show their support for Barisan Nasional Kelana Jaya.

During the Ceremony, BN Coordinator for Dun Seri Setia, Datuk Haji Halim Bin Samad had delivered his speech and stressed on the well fare of the people in Desa Mentari will be taken care of. All the eligible residents that will be identified through Prihatin, will be receiving help in the form of groceries..

Also made an appearance on the CNY Eve was Lee You…

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