Updates on 901 Demonstration for the Support of Anwar – Yulk! Disgusted by the tactics!

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Politics

Until 9am today, PDRM update states that about 5000 people came for the demonstration in support of Anwar. As opposed to what Anwar has expected about a few hundred thousand will made an appearance  to support him. LoL I feel like laughing my guts out.. huhu

I was not shocked when i found out that kids and elderly has been asked/fooled in joining the 901 demonstration. I mean, we all know that Anwar wants as many people to join in, to send an indirect message to all that he is so called strong! Urrgghhh… but please people, have some heart, taking advantage of old, and disabled people or even worse kids are just TOO MUCH! So much for his propaganda, only 5000 made an appearance.. SO YOU ARE NOT THAT STRONG AFTER ALL AREN’T YOU ?? 😛


//If anything goes wrong during the demonstration, what would happen to these kids.. ohh god, I don’t even think they know what is sodomy or even politics…

A friend of mine was there to see for himself on what was all the chaos about..He went and randomly asked one of the  “Mak cik” there and she said that she thought the trip was supposed to be a visit to the Zoo.. hmm poor auntie.. got fooled.. but not that I disagree with the “Zoo” part.. I think it is very much like the Zoo.. stupid monkeys around to support Anwar. urghh..

BTW, who’s the girl in the pink hijab next to Anwar? huhuhuhu


Great! International Media Reps was also spotted.. Say good bye to the good reputation of Malaysia being a peaceful country.

Thanks to Anwar the culprit.. We didn’t have any of the stupid demonstration before he was free.. Made most of the KL citizens life miserable with having to go through the traffic on a Monday Morning a living HELL!!


//Special thanks to AAKJ for the pics

  1. Zack Azroy says:

    kau ni bodoh la perempuan…

    member kau tu rajin ke nak jalan berkilometer sebab nak tahu pasal benda ni?

    dan apa yang bad press untuk Malaysia? Berkumpul tanpa ada sebarang pergaduhan… apa yang salahnya?

    • nonnymaya2 says:

      Hi there..
      Apologies if my opinion has offended u in one way or rather.. again that’s my personal POV. I think any sort of revealing towards this kind of demonstration is not a good image to promote to the world. It does bring some sort of insecurity to the potential tourists or foreign investments. Many of the MNCs currently in Malaysia has sent out warning notices of possible riots that everyone should be at the utmost careful state. Putting yourself in a position of a person who is thinking of investing in malaysia or visiting malaysia.. wouldn’t you think twice? I would!

      And when you said no quarrel or any threats during the demonstration?
      Star reported that there were 2 bombing explosions so far, one being in the carpark of the court.. thus the after Ceramah at masjid wilayah was cancelled.
      There were picture evidences showing how Anwar’s supporters attacked the PERKASA counter gathering.. See below :


      Again, my notes are my personal POV 🙂

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