Anwar’s Verdict : Non Guilty – The After Math

Posted: January 9, 2012 in Politics

The main reason that Anwar was found not guilty is because the court couldn’t find any evidence that the tube that was used to gather the DNA was not tempered. On top of that, Anwar’s attorney Karpal Singh has been successful in raising doubts to the case when he states that what had happened between Anwar and Saiful was not raped/forced sodomy, but both party did it willingly.

Thus, it doesn’t deny the fact that “The Act” did happened.. no matter if it by forced or willingly.

Our Judiciary system released Anwar due to lack of evidence showing that it is sodomized case and they are left with only Saiful’s statement. Very unfortunate I thought.

Personally, I feel that Saiful is very composed when the verdict was out.. As what he said.. At least he has tried to reveal the truth.. In the end, if it not in this life, justice will prevailed in Allah’s court in the after life.

For Saiful Bukhari, do not give up.. everything that has happened do have reasons behind it. Allah knows everything.


From the perspective of a Malaysian citizen, we can see that all the accusation that our Judiciary System was controlled by the government was yet another propaganda by the Pakatan Rakyat. Propaganda like the 16th Sept.. the fact that he betrayed Malaysia into accepting IMF and a lot more.. Let’s see what happens in the 13th GE.  I’m hoping for the best.. Which for me will never be Anwar.


Whisper to my ear..??

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