MATA Campaign Part 3(2/2) (MALAYSIA AMAN TANPA ANWAR) – 1999

Posted: January 3, 2012 in Politics

MATA Campaign Part 3(2/2): (MALAYSIA AMAN TANPA ANWAR) or in English translation “PEACE MALAYSIA WITHOUT ANWAR” 1999, a continuation from my previous post.

The series of chronologies was taken from Mega Bidaman which was communicated in Bahasa Malaysia. The below is my translation to English Language for the benefits of all Malaysian.

Thanks again Mega and to everyone.. please continue on reading the final part for now…


14th Apr 1999 – Anwar was found guilty for involving in a corruption deal, misusage of power and authority thus was sentenced to jail for 6 years.

Jul 1999 – Anwar was then put to trial for sodomy.

Anwar who was at that time going through the jail sentence for corruption gave his finest act in a few appearance for the sodomy trial to again gain sympathy from the public. Many was fooled by his acting and adding on to that, Anwar’s alliances internationally kept putting on pressure to the government of Malaysia stating that the jurisdiction and the treatment given to Anwar was not fair.

Knowing the support of the people towards the government had decreased due to Anwar’s case and trial, Dr. Mahathir still proceeds with the General Election 1999. The results from the election still indicates the the support of the people toward Barisan Nasional is still strong when they won 2/3 of the parliamentary seats despite the problems created by Anwar and the pressures internally as well as internationally during the previous years. At the end of 1999, Anwar who was in jail failed to influence the people through his proxies. Malaysia was again in peace and harmony and was proven when Dr. Mahathir announced his retirement during the 2002 UMNO General Assembly. In 2004, Abdullah Ahmad Badawi was named as president and BN won the biggest majority in the General Election 2004.

From the year 1999 to 2004, Malaysia was stable and peace was retained. Very seldom that we hear about street demonstration pushed by the oppositions. No one questions the 153 article from the Federal Constitution. Unlike now. Malaysia will only be in peace and harmony if Anwar is put to Jail.




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