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MATA Campaign Part 2 (MALAYSIA AMAN TANPA ANWAR) or in English translation “PEACE MALAYSIA WITHOUT ANWAR” 1998, a continuation from my previous post.

The series of chronologies was taken from Mega Bidaman which was communicated in Bahasa Malaysia. The below is my translation to English Language for the benefits of all Malaysian.

To Mega, Thanks for sharing

To all my readers, please fo through the series below with open mind and understand why Anwar is a threat to Malaysia.
Lets Begin …


2nd Sep 1998 – Anwar Ibrahim was sacked from the position Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia as well as the Minister of Finance Malaysia. Western Media indicates that the dismissal of Anwar Ibrahim was due to the different understanding on the methods to overcome the economical crisis.

UMNO Annual General Assembly 1998 (18th June) was Anwar’s last appearance and speech in PWTC (Putra World Trade Centre).
In his speech, Anwar tried to convey a message to all representatives on his views towards resolving the economical crisis are similar to treating a sick man. Below are part of his speech in Malay :

”Ubat pahit perlu ditelan. Dalam masa merawat terkadang-kadang sakit bertambah. Kita perlu bersabar. Tidak ada jalan singkat kepada pemulihan,” katanya lagi sambil menggesa ahli-ahli UMNO berpegang kepada semangat reformasi.

”Tanpa reformasi bangsa Melayu akan menjadi bangsa yang jumud, bangsa yang tenggelam dalam lipatan sejarah, bangsa yang dilupakan,”

Which translated into :

“The medication needs to be consumed despite the bitterness. In the conquest to heal, there are times that the pain will increase. We have to be patient. There are no shortcuts to healing,” said Anwar whilst urging the UMNO members to stick to the ideology of reformation.

“Without reforamtion, the malays will become rigid, the Malays will be sunked in history, the Malays will be forgotten,”

From the speech above, we can see that Anwar had attempted to influence the representatives on the idealogy of reformation. At that time, the Head of UMNO Youth, Zahid Hamidi seems to accept Anwar’s message and mad a statement that the economical crisis at that time was due to corruption, nepotism and cronism in the delegation of government contracts. Anwar however, did not make any comment towards Zahid’s statement but state that he gives his full support to the Prime Minister.

In response to the above, Dr. Mahathir came out with a list of contract recipients which includes amongst them are relatives and Anwar’s supporters incuding Zahid. Dr. mahathir also concludes that if the economical crisis was due to the management of corruption, Malaysia will be affected by the economical crisis way earlier than when it happened.

The incident during the UMNO Annual General Assembly 1998, clearly shows that Anwar is trying to degrade Tun Mahathir as the UMNO Presiden with the indirect encitement in his speech towards the representatives. At the same time, his hypocrisy was crytal clear when he states that he gives his full supports towards Dr. Mahathir.

After Anwar’s dismissal on the 2nd Sept 1998, he started to attack Dr. Mahathir openly. In his interview with the BBC on 4th Sept 1998, he states that a leader like Dr. Mahathir becomes paranoid when surrounded by talented people like himself as he is afraid of losing his power. Anwar indicates that the sexual misconduct which was the reason of his dismissal was an excuse. Time has proven that Anwar was a liar, with the help of current technology, his sexual misconduct was proven in 2008 and 2011. The approach that was taken by Dr. Mahathir was proven to be effective. If Anwar’s proposal was imposed, our country will be in greater debts.

On the 13th Sept 1998, Anwar Ibrahim started his Reformation campaign. Thousands of people was fooled into the campaign. Anwar around Malaysia in every state to inluence the people to believe that his dismissal from the goverment was a conspiracy of the high ranked leaders in the government.

On 18th Sept 1998, it was reported that an estimated amount of 50k people participated in the pro – Anwar demonstration in Kota Bharu, Kelantan. He was confident that the people of Malaysia are fully behind him and he plans to another demonstration in Kuala Lumpur on the 20th Sept 1998. Coincidently, Queen Elizabeth was visiting one of the church located nearby the demonstration area. Clearly his actions was carried out with the intention to embarrass Malaysia in the eyes of the Queen.

On 20th Sept 1998, Anwar gave his speech to his thousands supporters in front of the National Mosque. That night Anwar was arrested by the police.

On the 21st Sept 1998, Anwar’s supporters created havoc in Kuala Lumpur by marching towards the Prime Minister’s Office to force the Prime Minister’s resignation. The police had no choice but to use gas and water dozer to break the demonstration. Imagine of all the demonstrators at that time was shown with the below picture…

———————————————-To Be Continued—————————————————-


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