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MATA Campaign Part 1 (MALAYSIA AMAN TANPA ANWAR) or in English translation “PEACE MALAYSIA WITHOUT ANWAR” 1997.
The series of chronologies was taken from Mega Bidaman which was communicated in Bahasa Malaysia. The below is my translation to English Language for the benefits of all Malaysian.

To Mega, Thanks for sharing 🙂

To all my readers, please fo through the series below with open mind and understand why Anwar is a threat to Malaysia.
Lets Begin …


Everything starts in 1997 when Anwar Ibrahim’s lies and agenda was revealed bit by bit. During this period, two leaders from the opposition party has made a statement that they knew about Anwar’s misbehaves. The two leaders are Karpal Singh(DAP) and Mat Sabu(PAS). Ironicly, when Anwar was released from prison, all 3 leaders joined in one politic camp.

May 1997 : During the General UMNO Assembly, Anwar was praising Tun Dr Mahathir (Malaysia’s Prime Minister at that time) in his speech as in the below video :

During the assembly, Dr. Mahathir has given a clear indication to all attendees that Anwar Ibrahim will be his successor when he appointed Anwar Ibrahim as acting Prime Minister as he is going on his 2 months leave.

When Dr. Mahathir came back from his leave, he received a letter from Ummi Hafilda which states the moral misdeeds of Anwar Ibrahim. The letter was sent to Dr. Mahathir in August 1997.

Pls refer to Mega’s blog for the link to Ummi’s letter.
Tun Dr. Mahathir has blogged on his reaction towards the letter as well. Please click here for further readings.

Despite the letter from Ummi, Dr. Mahathir still gives Anwar the benefits of a doubt as there is a possibility that the appearance of the letter are caused by Anwar’s political enemies. At the same time, being a smart man as he is, Dr. Mahathir continues with his own investigation on Anwar’s case. Please click here to find out more about the response that Dr. Mahathir received. Anwar’s position as the Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia still remains at that point of time.

December 1997 : Anwar Ibrahim proposed the pro-IMF Policy to overcome the Asia economical crisis which affected the South East Asia Countries including Malaysia. Anwar Ibrahim has suggested that the expenditures of the government is to be reduced, postpone the unstrategic projects, increase the bank interest rate etc. This was explained in a book written by Stephan Haggard, page 61 entitled “The Political Economy of the Asian Financial Crisis”.

A few different articles or books published had confirmed the similar, example – Malaysia’s Challenge to IMF : A Lesson on Method, written by Michael Billington. An interesting snippit from the book that shows how enthusiastic Anwar was towards realizing the pro-IMF policy is stated below :

“The IMF had its supporters within Malaysia, and they used them to full advantage to attempt to bring down the recalcitrant Mahathir regime. Foremost among the IMF assets was Deputy Prime Minister and Finance Minister Anwar Ibrahim, whom Dr. Mahathir had once chosen as his likely successor. This reviewer had appealed directly to Anwar in the year before the crisis, in a public letter, to reflect on his failed worldview, after Anwar published a book called The Asian Renaissance. The book utterly misinterpreted the European Renaissance, confusing it with the degenerate worldview of the Enlightenment, which rejected all universal truth in favor of a bestial concept of man devoid of any higher moral purpose. Worse, Anwar praised the leading spokesmen for the British Empire’s economic policies, Adam Smith and Bernard de Mandeville, as proponents of a highly moral approach to economic policy, through radical free trade and the pursuit of personal greed!
As the speculative assault on the Asian economies unfolded, Dr. Mahathir made clear that Malaysia would not accept IMF help, due to the destructive conditionalities placed on all IMF loans. However, Anwar, as Finance Minister, announced a budget in October 1998 which was recognized worldwide as “an IMF program without the IMF.” Sounding every bit like an IMF representative, Anwar told the Wall Street Journal in December 1997, “We have reached a stage where we must undertake further strategic but painful measures to strengthen the nation’s resilience so that we can withstand any systemic risks. We’ll have to take the these tough measures if we want to help ourselves.”
Dr. Mahathir, reflecting back on this period in a February 1999 interview, said: “Although we didn’t ask for any loans from the IMF, the IMF kept on coming here and telling us what we must do, which is that in order to stop currency traders, we must raise interest rates. We must squeeze credit. We must force companies to go bankrupt by shortening the period for non-performing loans. At that time the IMF had a lot of influence over the then Minister of Finance [Anwar] and the Central Bank. They followed IMF conditions.” In an interview with Dr. Tourres in January 2002, Dr. Mahathir said that Anwar “kept wanting to cut the operating expenditures … , wages … , development expenditures…. Either he did not understand, or he was too influenced by the IMF. He even scolded his Ministers for not cutting further.”
In an interview with EIR in January 1999, when asked for his comments on the economic advice given by Lyndon LaRouche to Mexico and others, Dr. Mahathir responded: “This kind of contact must serve a useful purpose, and we would welcome that, certainly. Unfortunately, of course, the words are passed around that the EIR is a fascist grouping, which is trying to—this is told to me by some of your detractors, including my former deputy [Anwar], who told me earlier that EIR is a fascist paper, so we shouldn’t listen to it. So that is the way of undermining any attempts on your part to try and promote the kind of ideas the EIR has always been focused on.”

Interesting that the issue on World Bank Loans that was made by Anwar Ibrahim when he was the Finance Minister are being played around recently. As we are all aware, Anwar was dismissed in Sept 1998, and the 3 loans from the World Bank was approved in June 1998. The 3 loans are :
a) Fund for Food Programme
b) Higher Education Loan Fund
c) Microcredit Programme
Regardless of the approval, the agreement was put to a stop as requested by the Government of Malaysia at that time. The application and discussion in regards to the World Bank Loans took place betwenn the year of 1997 until June 1998 when Anwar was still the Minister of the Finance Department. Without the loan, Malaysia was still capable in overcoming the economical crisis.

——————————————-Continue in Part 2———————————————————–


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