My first post starts in the new year of 2012 – Anwar Ibrahim and the 9th Jan 2012?t

Posted: January 2, 2012 in Politics

Happy new year 2012 everyone..

Though the new year just begun, I was called to write my first post about Anwar Ibrahim.

For those who do not know Anwar Ibrahim, he was the former Deputy Prime Minister of Malaysia whom was sacked and put into ISA for numerous proven offenses. He was known to have sold Malaysia Trade Secrets to other countries, he had numerous scandals proven with recorded video of him “XXX” with a prostitute from China (see video below):

Anwar Ibrahim is currently in trial as he is accused for raping a young guy name Saiful Bukhary. The poor chap even swore in the name of Allah with the Quran that he was raped by Anwar Ibrahim. Anwar refused to return the “Sumpah Laknat”, thus Muslims all over the world especially in Malaysia starts doubting the fact that he is “straight”. However, there are still a pinch of young naive Malays who are fanatic supporters of Anwar still believes that he is not guilty.

During his trial, it was proven with numerous evidences in the form of testimonial, DNA tests that Anwar did raped the poor young chap in the ass (Ohh gosshh). Until the last day of the trial, Anwar’s lawyer, Karpal Singh finally made a statement saying that Anwar did not rape the young chap from behind, but it was based on agreement of both parties. The reason why Karpal needed to admit that after months of denying that Anwar is not gay/bisexual, is because if he can prove that Anwar did not rape but it was done with agreement of both Saiful and Anwar, Anwar’s charges in the High Court will be dropped to Shariah Court. Hence Anwar will be freed again (I pray to Allah that this won’t happen).

The trial will come to decision this 9th January 2012. During this time, as what Anwar’s normal tactics, he is arranging a riot. He was behind many street demonstrations before this. It is a norm for him to cause chaos. Which i really hate! Anyways, the fanatic supporters of Anwar had started printing the t-shirts etc for the riots. Pics as below :



As a Muslim, I don’t agree Anwar is released or let to be a leader of Malaysia and never the Prime Minister PLEASE! Not ANWAR IBRAHIM!

As a Malaysian, I feel that he doesn’t deserve to be a prime minister too because he causes chaos all the time and he is proven to be the country’s traitor for selling the country’s secret to the outsiders!


For the Malaysians, please be safe on the 9th Jan 2012 if you were to be near KL. For Anwar’s supporters, please open your eyes and heart and BRAIN to think.. it is not worth for you to jeopardize the peacefulness of the country for him!




Before I end my first post, I would like to take this opportunity again to wish everyone a Happy New Year and may 2012 brings you happiness and may the truth be revealed. Let Malaysia be a peaceful country with the spirit of 1 Malaysia.





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